Saturday, August 29, 2009

Why I love Jekyll

After the ordeal of flying for a two week trip with a thirteen month old and getting unpacked, I remembered why I love this place and why I have been looking forward to coming back after scheduling it almost 18 months ago.

Walking from our front door, its 200 yards to the beach. You walk up the steps to get over the dune, and here is what you see.

To the left is a lady farther reading a book. To the right a couple of young girls are playing in the waves while their mother relaxes on the sand. The ocean and the beach as far as you can see from 15 feet up on the boardwalk are being shared by these four people and us. We go down to sand to let JBL explore.

After soaking in the ocean for 15 minutes we finally spot a couple taking in a walk along the shore, but they are the only other folks. We did see a bunch of pelicans diving for fish, some gulls enjoying the breeze, and those little birds who run really fast and look for little critters in the sand. I am looking forward to coming back tomorrow and not doing much.

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