Friday, May 27, 2022

2022 Utah National Parks Trip

May 27

On the Road Again

Long day. Woke up at 5am CDT but didn't leave until 6:30. Hit Lubbock around 1pm and checked into the sweet Holiday Inn Express in Albuquerque at 5pm. Not a lot of traffic, but west Texas is boring to drive. 

Miles and Amelia ready to go
James at the ready

Post, TX

We stopped at the Post City Park to use the restrooms and stretch our legs. James announced that he had in recent years decoded our super secret code that Jessica and I would use on trips when we would look for a "P.G." He's a clever kid that one. !Amelia and James on a Seesaw.jpeg !Miles riding a whale.jpeg !Jessica at the playground.jpeg !Pete with a popped collar.jpeg

Miles riding a whale
Amelia and James on a see-saw
Pete with a collar popped by the wind
Jessica with the wind in her hair


The kids swam in the pool which was bitter cold. It's 90 degrees in the afternoon, but the low every night is in the high 50's. 

James in the pool
Jessica lounging next to the ice cold pool

Went to Nexus Brewery to get on the wait list for dinner. We found it on the drive over and were super excited. They have fun non-hoppy beers and pub food. They said it was gonna be 75 minutes so we went out to buy gas and pick up some local beer to bring back home. We ended up at Urban 360 Pizza instead. It was fine, but of course after we sat down there we got the text message that our table was ready at Nexus. Oh well. We enjoyed dinner. Early bed time. 

Jessica enjoying some pizza