Sunday, July 3, 2022

2022 Utah National Parks Trip - Day 2

May 28, 2022

Leaving Albuqurque

Left Albuqurque this morning around 7:30 or so after the standard Holiday Inn Express breakfast. 

Miles at Breakfast

Got everything back in the van and Jessica got us going west toward Gallup where we then turned north. 

Jessica Driving from Albuquerque

Snacks in nowhere

Desolate drive through some very poor rural areas. No real commercial areas until we hit Kykotsmovi Village, AZ where there was an actual real looking gas station, except there was zero branding at all. Not even their name above the door. We bought a bunch of snacks there to try to bolster their economy.

Tuba City

We continually saw signs for Tuba City, which, having James in the car meant we had to stop and get some pictures. I found out later that it is actually named after Chief Tuuvi and has nothing to do with the musical instrument. We sent pictures of him to his tuba tutor.

James in Tuba City

North of Tuba City

We were on our way north on highway 89 when I was overcome with how pretty the landscape was and we make our own observation stop. This was our first taste of what the week had in store for us.

North of Tuba City

Amelia in Front of Red Rocks

The Navajo Bridge locatedin the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area is a pair of bridges, one historic (1929) and one new (1995). The new bridge is now used for cars and the historic is open for pedestrians. It is one of only seven crossings of the Colorado River for 750 miles. 

James at the Navajo Bridge
Navajo Bridge

Miles at Navajo Bridge

Colorado River at Navajo Bridge

Kaibab National Forest

Leaving the Navajo Bridge you travel up in elevation out of the canyon and make your way north through the Kaibab National Forest. Our plan was to refuel in Fredonia which was the next large town, but as we climbed, our remaining range estimate kept falling. So as not to become stranded in the wilderness, we purchsed two of the finest gallons of gas at the Jacob Lake Inn which did seem like a lovely place. 

Jacob Lake Inn
Jacob Lake Gas

It turned out not really to be necessary as the rest of the trip was all downhill and we really didn't use any more range at all, but I'm still glad we played it safe this time.

Welcome to Utah

Welcome to Utah

Arrival in Washington, Utah

We got to the house and got it unlocked and the car unloaded. It's super nice and besides the internet not working, I knew we were going to have a great time there. We went out to eat at Morty's Cafe which was good but super filling burgers and fries. 

James Contemplating Dinner

The kids were sent downstairs for showers and after twenty minutes one of them finally came up and said that the hot water wasn't working. Not sure why it took twenty minutes for them to report on this. It turns out that the downstairs how water heater is not left operating when there are not vistors using that level, here so the kids will all have to showers in the morning.

Friday, May 27, 2022

2022 Utah National Parks Trip

May 27

On the Road Again

Long day. Woke up at 5am CDT but didn't leave until 6:30. Hit Lubbock around 1pm and checked into the sweet Holiday Inn Express in Albuquerque at 5pm. Not a lot of traffic, but west Texas is boring to drive. 

Miles and Amelia ready to go
James at the ready

Post, TX

We stopped at the Post City Park to use the restrooms and stretch our legs. James announced that he had in recent years decoded our super secret code that Jessica and I would use on trips when we would look for a "P.G." He's a clever kid that one. !Amelia and James on a Seesaw.jpeg !Miles riding a whale.jpeg !Jessica at the playground.jpeg !Pete with a popped collar.jpeg

Miles riding a whale
Amelia and James on a see-saw
Pete with a collar popped by the wind
Jessica with the wind in her hair


The kids swam in the pool which was bitter cold. It's 90 degrees in the afternoon, but the low every night is in the high 50's. 

James in the pool
Jessica lounging next to the ice cold pool

Went to Nexus Brewery to get on the wait list for dinner. We found it on the drive over and were super excited. They have fun non-hoppy beers and pub food. They said it was gonna be 75 minutes so we went out to buy gas and pick up some local beer to bring back home. We ended up at Urban 360 Pizza instead. It was fine, but of course after we sat down there we got the text message that our table was ready at Nexus. Oh well. We enjoyed dinner. Early bed time. 

Jessica enjoying some pizza

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Hot Hot Chocolate

A few weeks ago I tried making some Habanero Pepper Jelly. I got Habanero Pepper sauce. It just wouldn't gel. I also added WAY too many of the little buggers and the stuff is atomic.

Today after all the Christmas festivities had died down a bit, we went out for a walk as a great excuse to put on real clothes instead of staying in pajamas all day long. When we got back Jessica had the brilliant idea and suggested I make us some hot chocolate.

When it had heated up a bit I ladled some into a cup for JBL. I didn't have a spoon rest nearby so I licked the bottom of the ladle so as not to make a big mess (hey it's my house, I can lick the ladle if I want) and got lit up. I had washed all my utensils since my last jamming session, but the ladle was still pretty radioactive. However, this sensation reminded me of the Chipotle Chocolate gelato I love to get at Whole Foods. I added about 2 teaspoons of my Habanero Jelly / Sauce to my hot chocolate and it was fantastic!

If you come to visit this winter, ask me and I'll make you a cup of my hot, hot chocolate!

Monday, August 31, 2009


Yesterday was Jessica's mother's birthday. We brought lounged around in the morning and took the squirt down to the beach in the afternoon. He's really enjoying the water and will just sit in the surf and play. We all went out to each at Blackwater Grill on St. Simons Island. Great chocolate pound cake and homemade ice cream.

Today is Jessica's birthday. We went out to to the playground to let JBL run around. He still doesn't like slides, but had fun on the swings.

The weather today was kinda hot and very muggy, so we got back in the car for the A/C and drove to both ends of Jekyll looking for a breeze to fly one the kite I got for Jessica. Unfortunately, it was not to be had today. We had one of my favorites for dinner, poppy seed chicken over rice. More cake and ice cream.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Why I love Jekyll

After the ordeal of flying for a two week trip with a thirteen month old and getting unpacked, I remembered why I love this place and why I have been looking forward to coming back after scheduling it almost 18 months ago.

Walking from our front door, its 200 yards to the beach. You walk up the steps to get over the dune, and here is what you see.

To the left is a lady farther reading a book. To the right a couple of young girls are playing in the waves while their mother relaxes on the sand. The ocean and the beach as far as you can see from 15 feet up on the boardwalk are being shared by these four people and us. We go down to sand to let JBL explore.

After soaking in the ocean for 15 minutes we finally spot a couple taking in a walk along the shore, but they are the only other folks. We did see a bunch of pelicans diving for fish, some gulls enjoying the breeze, and those little birds who run really fast and look for little critters in the sand. I am looking forward to coming back tomorrow and not doing much.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Weekend the last

We traveled south east to the humid metropolis of Houston last weekend to see some friends and stop by Grandma's. Friday evening was spent playing PS3 with Phil until far too late, or early if you look at it from the other side of the clock. Killing baddies co-op is so much fun especially with beer and a good friend.

JBL slept in his tent for the first time. I didn't think it was gonna work out because I basically had to push him in and zip it up before he could scramble out, but after just a few seconds of crying after we shut the door and he settled down and fell asleep posthaste.

Saturday the guys kept the kiddo whilst the girls went to the farmer's market for fixins for pairings with the wine that evening at the Wine Shop @Home tasting that Phil and Heather we hosting. Goatcheese covered bread, stuffed mushrooms, tomato basil salad, cheese fondue, and pecan shortbread cookies came out of the kitchen to pair with all sorts of wines. Yummy and fun.

Sunday we got some kolaches for breakfast and headed up to Katy to see the LeBlond's there including my Memere. None of them had seen JBL since he was itty bitty so they were delighted to see him. He was a little tired and had just gotten up, so it took him a while to come out of his shell. He really took to Jacob immediately and had a blast playing will all of my little cousins. I'm really glad we got to see Memere before she headed north to Rhode Island the next day. There is a chance the rest of the gang might come up for a visit during the birthday party if things work out. We would love to have them come up to see Austin and to enjoy the party.

There are more pictures from the visit to Katy over at Flickr here.

Cat on a Piano

I will post later about our awesome weekend we had, but this couldn't wait.